Educate, don’t ignore social media

31 Oct

A few weeks ago there was a news story about the teenagers in PA who threw a party at a former NFL players house, tweeting about it and posting pictures as it went on. The homeowner followed it all from Florida as it happened.  Kids were posting pictures of themselves in this persons house, with his things that they then stole.  Why do these kids not realize what an awful idea this is?  When should they have learned about it? Who should have taught them?

I believe it falls on many adults to educate these kids about social media, but namely parents AND teachers.  However, I feel like the current attitude regarding technology in the educational system is failing students.  Many districts block student access to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram at school, and ignore the need to educate students about them.  This HAS to change, because the apps and sites are not going to go away, and even more will follow. Students need to know that anything they post will be around FOREVER, even if they think it won’t. Others can easily take screen shots now, and pass on a picture or post the original publisher may believe was deleted.

I came across the following image a while back and feel it would be a great classroom poster.  Who doesn’t need more posters?


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