Computer Science Education Week: December 9-15, 2013

14 Nov

As a former high school computer science teacher (one of the many hats I’ve worn), I was amazed at what my students were able learn about computer programming all on their own.  Give them a problem, and they would figure it out. With a little direction on my part, they created some incredible projects. I realized how important of a skill problem solving is for students to have, and wish that more schools included some form of programming in their curriculum.

To highlight computer programming, December 9-15, 2013 has been designated as Computer Science Education Week. This yearly event is designed to highlight the importance of computer programming, as well as give an introduction to students who may not know much about computer science. One of the newer additions to this week is the Hour of Code. Tutorials have been created by several groups to help introduce programming and app making to students and hopefully open the door to Computer Science for them. Plus, there are several web sites and software programs(Alice, Scratch, out there that are a great introduction to programming. Give it a try, you’d be surprised at how easy it really is!


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