Twitter as my PLN

21 Nov

After 13 years of teaching, I decided to take this year off (and possibly more) to focus on raising my own children. With one starting kindergarten and another in the preschool years, I just felt like time with my children was slipping by too fast. It has been a been a difficult adjustment for me, mainly because I miss being “in the loop”. I don’t have a break room to hang out in and get the latest updates on school events, nor do I have interactions with fellow teachers about the latest app or cool gadget. I miss it, but I don’t necessarily feel like I’m completely removed from my ed tech world. And I have social media to thank.
While I try to read blogs and the news to stay up to date, I feel like Twitter has become my indispensable resource for staying in the know. Over the years I have been able to meet many different educators from all over the nation, many of which I follow on Twitter as part of my PLN. I’m one of those lurkers on Twitter, who doesn’t post a ton, but am there every day reading along and getting ideas. I value knowing the thoughts of others, and when I see something that really resonates, I share it.
I know that some people are overwhelmed by the vast amount of information shared through Twitter, and wonder how to keep up. The key is realizing you don’t have to keep up. You go to it when you need it, and you can count on the fact that there is always something new to learn from it. It has helped keep me connected even when I’m running around changing diapers or waiting in the school pickup line.


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