Lessons from #hasjustinelandedyet

12 Jan

The evening of December 20th, I was getting ready for bed and checked twitter one last time, but kept seeing the same hashtag: #hasjustinelandedyet. Delving into the hashtag little further, I learned what can happen from just one very short tweet. It was a good lesson for today’s social media users in regard to what you post. After what almost became a witch hunt on Twitter, a woman lost her job, probably even before she realized it because she was unreachable on a flight. She didn’t start a chance with an apology that came later, because the damage was already done.
I also noticed another social media “oops” after the FCS championship game this past Monday evening. The mother of a popular college football player tweeted, and then tried to delete a message, but it had already been seen, shared and saved for all of eternity on the internet.
Before hitting the enter button on that tweet or Facebook status, think about a few things. 1) Is this something I want to be associated with when people search for me on the internet? 2) Do I care that this will be linked to me forever? 3) Is it really that important that I write this for the whole world to see? Because, chances are, they will.


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