I’m Not Teaching Search!

29 Jan

One of our biggest misconceptions with technology as educators is that our students “get technology”. What I mean is that we do not need to teach them anything about technology…they already know how to double space a document for a paper, how to insert pictures into a presentation, and mail merge in Microsoft Word. OK, that last one is just a joke (though I am sure there are some educators out there that believe this should be taught).

When Marc Prensky termed the phrase “Digital Native” and “Digital Immigrant”, I think we missed his whole point. I think he meant that we as, educators, are afraid to “click buttons” and have to ask fifty times if this is the correct button to click and our students have already “clicked the buttons” fifty times and have already figured it out, through trial and error. That is real the difference between a digital native and a digital immigrant.

Because of this misconception, we do not teach certain things that we should….one of those things is SEARCH. I am sure some of you are about ready to close this post. You are thinking “I am not teaching search”. Hear me out…have you seen your students search on the web, they…

1). Go to Ask Jeeves and ask their search term as a question… “What inventions were created in the classical musical period?”

2). Type in ClassicalMusicalInventions.com.

3). Give up after the first page from their search results and then type in the exact same search phrase again.

Do you see what I mean, they do not “get” it.

According to the American Library Association by in 2020 information on the web will be doubling every 15 minutes. So the question is “Why have we not been teaching it?” It seems that if there is this much information on the web, it should be very important and educators should be even more important to help guide and teach them how to effectively find and curate the web through Google.

Google In Education has created 4 amazing resources to help assist you in teaching your students how to search…

Google Search Education – Lesson Plans, Materials, etc

Power Searching with Google – Online Course

Advanced Power Searching with Google – Online Course

Search Challenges

I have also created a series of short videos to teach teach search to your students…



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