Staying in touch even when school is cancelled

31 Jan

With all of the recent bad weather, there has been a great deal of school missed by many students and teachers.  One thing I have found useful in keeping in contact with my students in the past is Remind101(P.S. It’s free!).  I started using it in conjunction with Schoology last year, and took the time early on in each semester to have my students enroll in my Remind101 classes.  What I like about Remind101 is that is allows everyone to keep their mobile phone numbers anonymous. The students didn’t know my phone number, and I didn’t know theirs.  But I was able to reach out and send messages to my students in a platform that most of them are very familiar with, by text. Often it was just reminders to bring something important for class or a test coming up, but I also could see it being a useful tool for times such as inclement weather.  You could even send out a link to a video tutorial, and possibly get a lesson in even though students aren’t in physical attendance at school. Sure, you can’t guarantee that the student is going to actually do the work, but at least the thought has been planted in their mind.


One Response to “Staying in touch even when school is cancelled”

  1. Shannon Parker February 4, 2014 at 2:43 pm #

    On the news, they had this story about a school district that had “virtual school” on their snow days: This wouldn’t work for my student population because of a lack of internet access at home, but would certainly be an option in a more affluent district.

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